To all of our fellow golf lovers out there, the Golf Gurus have developed seven reasons why we love golf.  Let us know if you agree or have any others to add.

1) The freedom of being in the great outdoors

Over the course of my young golfing career, I have truly seen some of the most breathtaking sights and things in my life. Any time you show up to the course you may see something you have never seen before. I have seen the sun dropping into the ocean causing the most breathtaking sunset I have ever seen, I have seen a baby fox run up the cart path toward the tee box we were standing on, jump into the woods and come out with a chip monk in its mouth and trot back down the cart path, I have even seen a black bear sitting on top of a tree overlooking the green we were playing. It's during these moments that I really take a step back and truly appreciate this great game.

2) The gear is pretty sweet.

Come on admit it, the gear is pretty cool. From the golf spikes to the rain gear we can all look like pros even if we hit like the amateurs.

3) Playing alone

If you have never experienced playing alone, and alone I mean with no other people in your group, then I would definitely recommend it. If you have played by yourself, then you know what I am talking about. Sure it's great to tee it up with your buddies, but once in a while there is nothing like being on the course by yourself, just you vs. the course and its elements. While playing by yourself, there becomes a point that the course gets so quiet and peaceful, that you get the sense that you are the only person in the world. There is also a sense of purity and integrity in that you still count all your strokes and follow all the rules.

4) Finding Random Balls

I love the feeling of finding a brand spanking new golf ball in the ruff or a few feet into the woods. It's like the golf gods are shinning down on you, especially if the ball you find is a new a Pro V1.

5) The sounds

Ever stop and just listen to the sounds of the golf course? The pinging of a ball hit crisply off a driver, the whoosh of a nicely struck iron shot or the sweet sound of a ball when it drops into bottom of the cup. Not to mention the sounds of joy and frustration from other golfers on the course.

6) The perfect golf shot

It seems to happen at least once a round, usually on the 18th hole for me, but there is nothing like connecting perfectly with a ball. When everything aligns just right and you step up and hit the perfect golf shot. Whether it's a 200 yard iron shot, leaving a short iron 2 feet from the pin or crushing a 300 yard drive, there is nothing like it when everything clicks. It just keeps you coming back for more.

7) The 19th hole

You know I couldn't leave this out. A cold brew after playing 18 with your friends is a great way to end a round. The beer is cold and it's always fun rehashing the round and talking about the shots and sites of the day.

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