This post is dedicated to all the golf widows out there.  Husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, the Golf Gurus salute you for your patients with us.  Sometimes golf can consume all of your time.  I know at times it seems like I eat, drink and dream golf.  I even talk golf at the dinner table.  If I am not playing golf or talking about it, then I am watching it on TV.  So thank you to my wife for putting up with me and thank you to all the other significant others out there who put up with the same shenanigans.

 In fairness it’s not our fault.  Golf is like the Siren in Greek Mythology; she sings her song and we just can’t fight it, we have to play.  I know my fellow golf guru Mark is in the same boat, I think he plays more than me if that’s possible.

 So my fellow golf addicts make sure the next time you see your significant other say thank you for putting up with me.  And always remember when its there turn to watch something other then golf or ask you to take part in one of there hobbies you better abide because we all know inside that we owe them big time.
4/23/2012 20:30:56

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