It has been awhile since the Golf Gurus posted to our blog.  Rather then provide course reviews which can now be found on our site (, we would like to use this blog to review and discuss golf equipment and products.


Today I would like to talk about Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.  I was introduced to this book a few years ago from a golfing buddy of mine Alex.  From the time I picked up a club till the time I read this book I had always gripped the golf club like a baseball bat.  Alex saw this and told me I should look at Ben Hogan’s book, in which it devotes an entire chapter on how to properly hold a golf club. 


As an avid golfer I figured what the heck and ran out to the local book store to pick up a copy.  Man was I floored.  Hogan may be the biggest golf freak out of all of us.  The first chapter talked all about how to properly hold a golf club.  He provided diagrams and practice exercises.  I remember practicing my grip for two hours, I think my wife thought I was nuts.


The following chapters went on to discuss the mechanics of the proper swing, what your back swing should look like as well has how you should align your feet.  Overall the book was  very good and a very quick read.  However the best section was the grip section for me.  After reading it I saw an immediate improvement in my ball striking and saw a lot more consistency in the distance and accuracy of my shots. 


This book is definitely worth a read.
4/23/2012 21:08:04

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