Proper golf etiquette seems to be extremely important to all people who play the game.  I know for me it took me some time to fully understand all of them.  Sure there were some simple ones like never talk during someone’s back swing but their were others that I learned over time such as when playing a recreational round of golf you should take no longer then two minutes to look for a lost ball.  Below are some additional tips in regards to proper golf course etiquette.

Golf Carts

Make sure you drive you golf carts with care.  Always pay attention to the signs on the course.  If a sign states not to drive past a certain point don’t.  Also never drive into sand traps, onto tee boxes and stay at least 15 yards from the green at all times.

Ball Hunting:

As stated above golfers playing a recreational round should only spend two minutes searching for a lost ball.  As a courtesy golfers in the group should all keep an eye on each others tee shots to help is finding balls faster (insert joke here).  It should be noted that the official rule states that a golfer has five minutes to find a lost ball, this was meant for tournament golf only.

 The Flag:


Always wait for all golfers to hit their ball onto the green before removing the flag stick from the hole.  When you remove the flag stick, be sure to place it down softly to ensure that the green is not damage.  Preferably the flag should be placed on the fringe, but if placed directly on the green be sure to be gently.  Finally if a player wants the flag stick to remain in when they are putting make sure to hold the flag so that it does not blow in the wind, which could be distracting.  Also try and hold the flag in a way that your shadow does not cover the hole or the putting line for the golfer.


On the Green:


One of the most important rules is to never walk in front of someone’s putting line on the green.  So be sure to walk around a fellow golfer golf ball to ensure you do not inadvertently walk in his/her line.  Also be sure to replace all ball marks created by your approach shot when arriving at the green.


On the Tee:


As stated above you should be completely silent when others are hitting there tee-shots.  You should also try and remain out of eye sight from the golfer hitting the tee shot, which could serve as distraction.  Golfer should also remain still.  It should also be noted that the individual with the best score from the previous hole should be the first to tee-off on the next hole.
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the post is very good,.,when one wants to learn Golf then it is very necessary to learn its etiquette.


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