Over the weekend I found myself in the golf section at Dick’s Sporting Goods and was pulled to the very large golf ball assortment that they offer.  They had oodles and oodles of offerings from Nike Raw Distance to Titlist Pro V1’s all ranging in price form $12 to $60 which got me to thinking does the golf ball really matter for a weekend warrior such as myself?  After pondering this thought for a moment, I came to the conclusion that the answer is yes to a certain extent.


At first I thought about it from the psychological aspect.  I can’t explain it but I just feel different when I am standing over a Pro V1 vs. a Top Flight.  In my head I have made myself believe that a ball can help me shave strokes off my game.   Maybe it is the $45 price point vs the $14 price point between the two balls.  In a game that I believe is often won or lost in your head this can be a big factor.


My second thought was do some of the higher priced balls that Calloway and Titlist offer provide more distance off the tee for me?  Over the past 15 years I have played many different types of balls and have found that balls like the Pro V1 and Callaway Warbirds provide at least an additional 10 yards on my drives.  With that being said I never score better.  Distance is one thing but if you can’t hit it straight does it really matter?


Finally, different balls offer things such as better spin control; others offer higher trajectories and softer landings.  Now don’t get me wrong, for golfers better then myself the ball does matter, however I am not good enough to even pretend that all that stuff matters and I think this is the case for the majority of weekend players.


So ultimately do I think the type of golf ball matters?  From a mental standpoint, I know I feel like I play and hit a “nicer/more expensive” ball better than a “cheaper/less expensive” ball.  As far as the distance and feel aspects go, if I am hitting the ball straight, then it doesn’t matter what I am playing.


When it was all said and done I pulled two cases of Callaway Warbirds off the shelf on sale for $35.  A nice middle of the line ball that will have me believing on the course that they are helping and providing a little extra distance but won’t break the bank either. 

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